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6:30 – 9:30PM  Thursday, April 19, 2012

“The Wedding Song” (Karin Albou; France, 2008)

CMES Cinema

Location is wheelchair accessible
In Nazi-occupied Tunis, Nour and Myriam—a Muslim and a Jew respectively—struggle to maintain their friendship as war further divides the city. Myriam wishes she could marry a man she loved, like Nour can, while Nour envies Myriam’s freedom to get an education. As the girls slowly draw apart they realize they need each other more than ever. This intimate film examines femininity and sisterhood in the Arab and Jewish cultures at a time when hate and violence threaten to take over. (in French and Arabic with English subtitles)

Followed by a discussion with Adel Allouche, Department of History, Yale University

Open to: General public
Admission: Free
Sponsor: Council on Middle East Studies
Contact Information: Lora LeMosy,

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