4 – 6PM  Tuesday, April 17, 2012

“Origins of the Great Books Courses”

An event in the Cultures of the Classical series

Elizabeth Sawyer, Oxford

Location is wheelchair accessible
“Origins of the Great Books Courses.” Sawyer is working on a dissertation about the contemporary reception of Thucydides in the USA, particularly in the spheres of international relations theory and discourse, military officer education, political rhetoric (how senators and representatives quote Thucydides in the US Congress), and in Great Books courses. Her research into Great Books focuses on three aspects: how the idea began and the extent to which classicists influenced its beginnings, the subsequent development of the movement, and finally how a complicated text like that of Thucydides fits into the course in contemporary syllabi.

Open to: Yale community
Sponsor: Department of Classics and the Whitney Humanities Center
Contact Information: Christina Kraus,

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