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Square Hope, 2012, 51 × 51 × 3 inches, acrylic and resin on canvas mounted on panel
Monday, February 13 –  Saturday, March 31, 2012

RON AGAM, Recent Works


Location is wheelchair accessible
The Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale is proud to present an
exhibition of paintings by New York based Israeli-French artist, Ron Agam. Ron Agam is the son of the Israeli internationally acclaimed artist Yaacov Agam, a kinetic art pioneer, he is a master of color and forms in movement, a multidimensional art in four dimensions. Yaacov Agam’s own father was a renown Rabbi in Israel whose life was devoted to writing books on Jewish spiritual values. Ron Agam considers himself a continuation of his father legacy and quest for spiritual values in his own art. Most known for his extensive photography career, the works in this exhibition are highly technical paintings that bring fresh new elements to his ongoing examination of the interaction colors. His rigorous, some might even say obsessive, pursuits seek to expose the harmony and effective balance of these varying colors with placement and scale of hue and contrast.

Ron Agam was born in Paris and raised between Rehovot, Israel and Paris. He tells a charming, but charged story. When asked by a legendary Parisian art dealer what he wished for most for his Bar Mitzvah, Mr. Agam asked for a work by Josef Albers, acclaimed painter and Yale professor. The gift was delivered to the precocious 13 year-old, the wish granted. Mr. Agam’s personal exploration in the world of painting is a testimony to his childhood, where he was exposed to, and influenced, by the works of the masters of the early stages of geometric abstraction, such as Eli Lissitzky, Malevich, Mondrian and, of course, Josef Albers. These paintings resonate beyond the two-dimensional surface to utilize the varying energies of colors to fuel Mr. Agam’s unique vision. He asserts that his “shapes, colors and forms are the expression of an artist that lives in the present, creates for the future with a deep respect for the past.”

Exhibition n View: February 13 – March 31, 2012

Open to: General public
Admission: Free
Sponsor: The exhibition at Slifka Center is made possible through the vision and leadership of Barbara Slifka, the Hauptman Arts and Media Endowment and the Rothko Fund of Slifka Center. This exhibition is a collaboration between the Slifka Center and Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, NYC, which represents Mr. Agam.
Contact Information: Thea Buxbaum, Slifka Center Arts Director,, 203-432-1134

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